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Children, child-rearing, education, next-generation development

Health and medical care (life science, health care)

Work style reform, health management, work-life balance

Overseas support and cooperation, international exchange

Publicize the Osaka-Kansai Expo, its themes and significance.

Our Co-Creation Challenge

We will organize an information dissemination campaign on topics of health, well-being, self-improvement, consciousness and other human-centric topics, under the title "Life in Future Societies". Without doubt, technology is augmenting human capacities and disrupting human activities. Our programs aim to highlight that, although technological advancement undoubtedly changes our activities, human values such as openness, cooperation, human relations, emotions, creativity, critical thinking remain crucial. In our changing world, where artificial intelligence, robots, and various technical solutions aim to automate tasks, the role of human labor must continue to evolve along human values. These values cannot be automated or replaced by machines - cooperation, decision-making, critical thinking, or even intuition are possibilities and capabilities of a conscious and intelligent human. Nonetheless, these human values can be developed. Scientific research and analyses indicate, and common sense also allows us to understand, that not only our education needs a paradigm shift, but humans need to empower themselves by continuously learning and adapting in rapidly changing circumstances. Our campaign aims to draw people's attention to the necessity of action and change. To do this, the first step is to understand what is happening with us and around us, to see the changes that define our world, and to recognize our opportunities for action. We encourage people to understand and accept the challenges and opportunities present in the societies of the future and how they can empower themselves to adapt to the quickly changing world. To find how they can maintain and improve their health, build their communities, and shape the future. As part of the campaign, we aim to reach a wider audience (first of all, but not exclusively in Hungary) through educational lectures, video appearances, public media publications, other media appearances. Our goal is to build a community capable of responding to the modern world's challenges while preserving and further developing those human values that truly make us human.

Development of initiatives

Methods and Areas for Future Development There is little doubt that the public is blessed with the abundance of information as well as myriads of services being made available through the Internet. However, misinformation is a common problem. Based on our experience, systematically organized knowledge covering as many areas as possible is most suitable for preventing misinformation.
In the campaign, we aim to foster the development of human societies by educating people. The campaign seeks to help people understand latest scientific results. While sciences are often perceived today to be distinct from everyday life, it is essential to make scientific results available to everyone. In the form of personal and online lectures, discussions, magazine articles, we spread valuable information on health, nutrition and sports, enabling people to take care of their own lives. Key messages are summarized in short videos and animations, made available online. In the campaign, we work with experts from various fields, creating a collaboration network.
Events and achievements of the campaign will be shared on the campaign's own website and social media platforms, in English as well, allowing for online engagement from anywhere in the world.
Setting an example: Based on our vision, the future society could be built on individuals and communities where people are motivated to pass on and disseminate the knowledge they have acquired as widely as possible. With the campaign, we strive to set an example, to motivate others to do likewise.
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