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Our Co-Creation Challenge

Square dance is a dance that anyone who can walk can do. Even if you are over 80 years old, you can still dance with good posture. By holding free trial sessions of square dance all over the country and reaching 100,000 participants, we will widely promote square dance as a lifelong sports and recreational activity. We pursue to encourage people from children, young people to the elderly to enjoy square dance. We aim to create a healthy, prosperous, and bright society where all the people, no matter which countries they are from, come together to learn, play, and communicate on common topics.

Development of initiatives

Methods and Areas for Future Development Square dance is an intellectual, brain-training dance that involves immediate response to English instructions given by a leader called a caller, set to various genres of music. By participating in parties held all over the country, you can interact with square dance enthusiasts from all over Japan. It follows instructions in English, so it is also compatible with internationalization. Anyone from children to the elderly can walk, so in Japan, where the birth rate is declining and the population is aging, it can also be a place for children to interact with the community and a place for the elderly to give back their knowledge. Because it does not use any equipment, it does not put too much strain on the body, and because it is performed indoors, it is a safe sport in Japan. The levels are divided into small parts, so once you learn the basic level, you can dance anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you can improve your level at your own pace, so it can meet the intellectual needs of people of all ages.
We would like to co-create with people from all countries of the world. (Square dance is currently performed in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, etc.)
People who wish to work with Square dance allows co-creation with a variety of people and occasions. Below are some examples. - Teachers and students at elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and universities (co-creating through English/PE classes, club activities). - Companies to enhance the employee welfare (co-creating as an in-house sport). - Carers and residents of elderly care facilities (co-creating as rehabilitation). - Students from fashion schools (co-creating by having costumes designed and made for them to wear). - Musicians and music-lovers (co-creating by dancing to live band performances). - Regional activities (co-creating as community center activities). - Multiculturalism (co-creating with the community of foreigners living in Japan). - Local events (co-creating to enliven local activities and commercial facilities). Square dance enables to co-crate with wide range of people and environments.

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