Seeding peace project

Co-Creation Challenges



Name of team Team Friedensdorf International
Our Partner Taeko Shishikura, Katharina Böhme, Rebecca Proba

Country or countries of your activity

Germany, Japan

Themes of Activity

Children, child-rearing, education, next-generation development

Human rights

Our Co-Creation Challenge

By providing basic information about the humanitarian work of our organisation "Friedensdorf International/Peace Village International", we raise social awareness, and show that everyone can make a contribution to peaceful coexistence.
The children from various war and crisis zones experience the principle of cultural diversity and peaceful coexistence in the Peace Village. This message of peace that the children take home will be further sown/scattered in their home countries. Like these children, each of us can scatter these seeds of peace and spread this positive chain.

Development of initiatives

Methods and Areas for Future Development -through networks with the schools or educational institutions the seeds(message of peace) are distributed
-through photo exhibition the seeds (message of peace) are distributed
People who wish to work with The schools and educational institutions that wish to promote peace education.
The people who can provide premises for the exhibition.
Everyone who would like to support our work!

Our SDGs