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Our Co-Creation Challenge

The world is witnessing an increase in conflicts, affecting global peace and economic stability. Nations with low economic freedom are 14x more susceptible to conflict. A lack of economic opportunity has been associated with increased vulnerability among youth, and high unemployment amongst youth has been found to make countries vulnerable to conflict.

The lack of innovation in current peacebuilding tools and methodologies hinders effectiveness in addressing complex conflicts with evolving challenges. Traditional peacebuilding is void of coordination, not adaptive, lacks localization, does not address sustainability nor social or economic impact, and rarely focuses on prevention.

Recognizing entrepreneurship and technology as unifiers, we founded SocialTech Lab to leverage these tools for peace. Our approach fosters economic unity and interdependence, offering a novel path to peace and “Designing a Future Society” that is peaceful, stable, and prosperous. Entrepreneurs, by nature, prioritize growth over differences, making them natural peacemakers. By providing resources for cooperation and success, we aim to create positive peace through economic integration.

Our journey began in Cyprus, a nation divided for 5decades, illustrating the complexities of long-standing conflict. Despite division, Cyprus stands as a beacon of hope for peace, stability, and prosperity. The island's youth, particularly affected by unemployment and conflict, represent both a challenge and an opportunity for transformative change.

SocialTech Lab responds to these challenges by cultivating an environment where youth can innovate for peace and development. Our flagship initiatives serve as platforms for entrepreneurial collaboration across divided communities. These efforts reduce youth unemployment and foster economic integration, positioning entrepreneurship as a driver of peace and social cohesion.

To contribute towards this vision, we aim to design, develop, and implement digital tools, innovation programs, and physical spaces that bring innovators from conflict-affected communities together to create a better future. Activities include:
1. Digital Tools – Web/mobile apps and AI-powered tools that connect divided societies and empower young entrepreneurs to collaborate and grow.
2. Innovation Programs - Hackathons, venture builders, accelerators that support early-stage youth entrepreneurs in post-conflict societies to build their own ventures.
3. Physical Spaces - Coworking centers that incubate post-conflict youth entrepreneurs to scale their ideas.

We aim to showcase this model at the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan with the goal of creating awareness around the issues we tackle and inspiring other regions facing similar challenges to work together.

Development of initiatives

Methods and Areas for Future Development Our solution is currently implemented in Cyprus. Our vision is to replicate our model in conflict-affected regions across the world (i.e., Balkans, Middle East, South America, South Asia, Africa).
People who wish to work with NGOs, academic institutions / centers of excellence, private corporations, public authorities, and/or individuals who are focused on entrepreneurship, technology, sustainability, innovation, or peace. We are particularly interested in collaborating with those from conflict-affected regions.

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