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Name of team Koru Global

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While we're based in the US, our technology is country agnostic and we have partnership capabilities that span to countries in every continent, all across the world.

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Science and technology, biotechnology

Robots, AI

Overseas support and cooperation, international exchange

Publicize the Osaka-Kansai Expo, its themes and significance.

Our Co-Creation Challenge

At Koru, we are developing a comprehensive AI-powered platform aimed at enabling corporations to build balanced and diversified impact portfolios. By identifying the key areas of sustainability focus for each company and offering intelligent recommendations for strategic partnerships, we serve as a catalyst for impactful actions that span the spectrum of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. From alleviating poverty and hunger through economic development partnerships to fostering innovation and sustainable cities, the ripple effect of our work is designed to touch on all 17 SDGs. By providing a streamlined, data-driven approach to corporate sustainability, our initiative aims to create a multiplicative impact, accelerating global efforts to build a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive future.

Development of initiatives

Methods and Areas for Future Development "Data Analytics and Machine Learning: We aim to continuously refine our AI algorithms to provide even more targeted and effective partnership recommendations.
Stakeholder Engagement: Launch targeted campaigns to engage more corporations and impact organizations in our platform, thereby increasing the variety and scope of partnerships.
User Experience: Utilize customer feedback to improve the user interface and functionalities of our platform, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.
Impact Tracking: Introduce new features that allow companies to track the impact of their sustainability initiatives in real-time, aligned with specific SDGs.
Global Expansion: Leverage partnerships to scale globally, particularly focusing on emerging markets where the impact could be transformative.
Areas for Future Development:

Sector-Specific Modules: Introduce features that cater to the unique sustainability challenges and opportunities within specific sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, etc.
Knowledge Hub: Create a centralized repository of best practices, case studies, and actionable insights on sustainability, to inform and inspire users.
Real-time Reporting: Implement AI-driven real-time impact measurement and reporting tools that can be integrated into annual sustainability reports or dashboards.
Collaborative Projects: Facilitate multi-stakeholder projects that allow multiple companies to collaborate on larger-scale initiatives, thereby increasing impact.
Local Language Support: To truly globalize, the platform will need to support multiple languages to cater to non-English speaking markets.
Blockchain for Transparency: Explore the possibility of utilizing blockchain technology to provide transparent and immutable tracking of impact metrics."
People who wish to work with " In the pursuit of developing its initiative in relation to the theme of the Expo, Koru eagerly seeks to collaborate with the following key stakeholders:

1. Impact Organizations: Koru looks forward to collaborating with a diverse spectrum of impact organizations - from NGOs to social enterprises - that have demonstrated dedication and expertise in addressing critical social issues. By partnering with these organizations, Koru aims to magnify their impact and extend their reach through AI-driven insights and strategic corporate partnerships.

2. Forward-Thinking Corporations: The Expo provides an unparalleled opportunity for Koru to work hand in hand with corporations that actively embrace corporate social responsibility. Koru seeks to partner with companies that are committed to aligning their business goals with genuine societal needs, fostering a paradigm shift in the way corporations address social issues.

3. Tech Innovators and AI Experts: Koru aspires to collaborate with leading technology innovators and AI experts to continuously enhance its AI-driven platform. Through these partnerships, Koru aims to integrate the latest technological advancements, ensuring that its AI engine remains at the forefront of social impact analytics and strategy development.

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