International Red and White Singing Festival

Co-Creation Challenges



Name of team International Red and White Singing Festival Committee
Our Partner The International Red and White Singing Festival (IRWS) working committee

"Yamamoto Gakko(School) " 山元学校

Japanese language education information platform(日本語ぷらっと)

Handy Network International Co., Ltd.

LPK Bahana Inspirasi Muda (Indonesia)

Cebu Music Learning Center(philippines)

"Brazilian Business Group" -ASIA(Japan-Brazil)

Country or countries of your activity

Japan, Indonesia, Philippines.Brazil and the rest of the world online

Themes of Activity

Children, child-rearing, education, next-generation development

Culture and arts (art)




Regional revitalization

Community and town development, housing

Diversity and inclusiveness

Overseas support and cooperation, international exchange

Publicize the Osaka-Kansai Expo, its themes and significance.

Our Co-Creation Challenge

International Red and White Singing Festival (IRWS) aimed at promoting international exchange and mutual understanding through Japanese people singing in foreign languages and foreigners singing in Japanese. Let's enjoy singing together with special guests and fellow performers throughout the venue!

Many foreigners living in Japan and future-oriented international students are working hard to make Japan's society brighter. Through the IRWS we hope to create a compassionate society together with everyone who is willing to be involved.

Declaration for the Future:
We aim to regularly hold IRWS in regions such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and countries with a substantial Japanese population
like Brazil. We will invite outstanding performers from each area to the main venue in Osaka, expanding the platform of international exchange centered around singing across the world.

IRWS originated in 2011 as a message of recovery after the Great East Japan Earthquake. It was initiated by a community of international exchange between foreigners and Japanese people. The movement was joined by foreign language media and mass media, and from the very first event, it received significant attention, with coverage on NHK(Japanese National Broadcast)'s morning news for over 10 minutes.

The event was held at the Tokyo Olympic Center, every year with the support of many individuals as well as many companies, NPOs, embassies, Japanese ministries of foreign affairs, ASEAN-Japan Centre. Association of Nikkei & Japanese. Abroad, and local governments.

But from its 10th iteration, the base was moved to Osaka. We aim to spread enjoyment to more people and are looking forward to registering this effort as part of the Collaborative Challenge, targeting the Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025.

Development of initiatives

Methods and Areas for Future Development Development of the Initiative:
Future Expansion Areas and Methods: We plan to expand from Osaka, Japan, to regions like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil with a substantial Japanese population.

Connection to the Theme of the Osaka-Kansai Expo:
Through our activities, we hope to enhance the atmosphere of "WELCOME" for visitors from around the world attending the Osaka-Kansai Expo.
People who wish to work with Those Who Wish to Collaborate: Anyone who wishes to share enjoyable moments with people from various countries.

Our SDGs