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TEAM EXPO 2025 is a participatory programme created by people from all over the world, with a variety of teams and activities to take up the challenge of making a better the future for Expo 2025 and beyond.

Co-Creation Challenges

Actions working together for our ideal future.

  • Infrastructure and refrigerated storage powered by clean energy

    COOL LION ENERGIES is a specialist in Côte d’Ivoire active in the construction, assembly and provision of storage infrastructure and refrigerated storage powered by clean energy. The company provides a wide range of solutions in different sectors, in particular agriculture, agri-food, industries and commerce and has been awarded the best small infrastructure innovation company by the African Union Development Agency. We specialize in offering innovative cooling-as-a-service solutions tailored for smallholder farmers' cooperatives across Africa. Our comprehensive approach integrates clean energy access—leveraging solar and hybrid power—with digital solutions to address the pressing need for efficient cooling infrastructure in the agricultural sector.

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  • Inheritance of JAPAN BLUE

    We have launched an initiative to develop traditional Japanese crafts into a "luxury brand" and to ensure that these traditional industries, which are in danger of being lost, do not decline and are instead developed for the next generation. As a first step, we are reconstructing "Bushu Sho-Aizome(Natural indigo dyeing)," a traditional industry handed down since the Edo period and closely associated with Eiichi Shibusawa(Eiichi Shibusawa, an internationally renowned entrepreneur was selected as the portrait for the next Japanese 10,000 yen new bill.), as a modern fashion. This project is a collaboration between Ishiori Shoten, which has carried on the tradition of Bushu Sho-Aizome in northern Saitama for four generations since the Edo period, and KARMA et CARINA, a brand from the same prefecture. Many traditional crafts are shrinking due to declining demand and lack of successors. On the other hand, due in part to the influence of the SDGs, there has been an increase in positive response from overseas through social networking sites. This indicates that, from a global perspective, demand for scarce and high quality goods has not decreased. In response to the main challenges facing Japan's historic traditional industries: declining demand and lack of successors (1) To address declining demand, design products that match the modern living environment and expand overseas markets. (2) To address the lack of successors, we believe it is necessary to create a luxury brand for traditional crafts. Luxury branding is an important element that increases the added value of traditional crafts and provides not only "enjoyment" and "pleasure" of craftsmanship, but also "compensation" for the skills and time spent on it. Luxury brands that combine the best of high-quality materials and craftsmanship are expected to be attractive to consumers in Japan and abroad, ensuring sustainable demand for traditional crafts. This is one way to solve the problem of lack of successors. By expanding into overseas markets, we will not only find new avenues of activity and revitalize local industries, but also gain international recognition of Japanese culture and promote cultural exchange, which will lead to further development of traditional industries. As a realization of these efforts, we have started working with Bushu Sho-Aizome, a traditional craft of Saitama Prefecture, as a first step. We will continue to work on "luxury branding" of traditional industries in the Kanto region, centering on Saitama Prefecture, in cooperation with the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry and other organizations.

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  • Architecture for communites integrated to natural environments

    It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce ourselves as a group of young architects and entrepreneurs committed to sustainable development. In our work, we focus on creating communities integrated with natural environments, respecting both the environments we intervene in and the future users of these spaces. At the core of our philosophy lies a commitment to preserving nature. Our communities are designed to respect the integrity of existing trees and the natural composition of the land, thus avoiding unnecessary alterations. Regarding construction aspects, we opt for local systems that promote sustainability and minimize environmental impact. We utilize local constructions systems mixed with natural materials such as adobe, rammed earth, and natural fibers, combined with thorough studies of passive systems for climate control in homes, such as proper orientation and natural ventilation. Furthermore, we are committed to responsible water management, implementing recycling systems and promoting energy self-sufficiency through the utilization of solar energy. In line with our holistic approach to sustainability, we encourage internal mobility within our communities through the use of bicycles, thus fostering an active and healthy lifestyle. Additionally, we incentivize outdoor experiences, such as hiking, as an integral part of our community development model.

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  • Decoding the Future: Strategies for Unlocking Children's Hidden Talents

    We have developed a groundbreaking software called "Inspiring Children's Potential," which analyzes the innate talents and hidden special abilities of children under 18 years old. By providing parents with optimal educational advice, this software aims to cultivate a new generation of talented individuals who will shape our future society. While a child's future is of utmost concern to parents, many children's potential remains untapped due to inadequate environments and improper educational methods. Unfortunately, some children also veer onto the wrong path as a result. Traditional "cramming education" often leaves children passive, lacking opportunities to creatively utilize their imagination and develop their unique skills. The "Inspiring Children's Potential" software presents modern parents with a more accurate and personalized educational perspective, helping them to identify and inspire their child's "special talents." By guiding children in the most appropriate way for their individual development, the software fosters an environment where they can thrive and reach their full potential. The ultimate goal of "Inspiring Children's Potential" is to instill "free thinking" in children and nurture more talented individuals for the next generation. By empowering parents with the tools and knowledge to support their child's unique abilities, we aim to create a brighter future where every child has the opportunity to shine and make a positive impact on society.

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  • instruments of peace

    This program features an orchestral performance of indigenous instruments that highlights classical music pieces from composers for the first time with a mix of indigenous instruments in which musicians and composers create their own works. In addition to the official stages, this orchestra has concerts in public spaces such as public parks in order to bring its music closer to all people, whether serious music followers or general audiences, so that in just one public performance, the audience was over 5,000 people. our program focus on emprowing lives, with to show that our roots same as music instruments can be use with new coposition to create new art piecese thet can bring us gathering, virus or something maybe happen again in future we have to be ready and it not possible unless with the together, with this performance we practice this.

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  • Extend reality beyond imagination

    The Pantheon Lab stirve to provide solutions to tackle the below two main social issue: 1. Aging Workforce and Labor Shortage: The Pantheon Lab's digital humans can step in to fill the gaps created by an aging workforce and labor shortage. These digital humans possess advanced AI capabilities, allowing them to perform a wide range of tasks and provide services efficiently. They can be trained to handle complex jobs, interact with customers, and perform repetitive tasks with precision. By deploying digital humans, industries can mitigate the impact of labor shortages and ensure business continuity. 2. Effective communication Through advanced natural language processing and multilingual capabilities, our digital humans facilitate seamless communication between individuals who speak different languages. They can act as interpreters, breaking down language barriers and enabling meaningful conversations. By providing real-time translations, our digital humans ensure that everyone can participate and engage in discussions, regardless of their linguistic background. By utilizing generative AI capabilities, the Pantheon Lab's digital humans can bring efficiency, consistency, and high-quality service to various industries, helping to tackle the social issues of aging workforce, labor shortage, and unstable service standards.

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Co-Creation Partners

Corporations and organizations that support multiple Co-Creation Challenges.