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TEAM EXPO 2025 is a participatory programme created by people from all over the world, with a variety of teams and activities to take up the challenge of making a better the future for Expo 2025 and beyond.

Co-Creation Challenges

Actions working together for our ideal future.

  • Extend reality beyond imagination

    The Pantheon Lab stirve to provide solutions to tackle the below two main social issue: 1. Aging Workforce and Labor Shortage: The Pantheon Lab's digital humans can step in to fill the gaps created by an aging workforce and labor shortage. These digital humans possess advanced AI capabilities, allowing them to perform a wide range of tasks and provide services efficiently. They can be trained to handle complex jobs, interact with customers, and perform repetitive tasks with precision. By deploying digital humans, industries can mitigate the impact of labor shortages and ensure business continuity. 2. Effective communication Through advanced natural language processing and multilingual capabilities, our digital humans facilitate seamless communication between individuals who speak different languages. They can act as interpreters, breaking down language barriers and enabling meaningful conversations. By providing real-time translations, our digital humans ensure that everyone can participate and engage in discussions, regardless of their linguistic background. By utilizing generative AI capabilities, the Pantheon Lab's digital humans can bring efficiency, consistency, and high-quality service to various industries, helping to tackle the social issues of aging workforce, labor shortage, and unstable service standards.

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  • Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) Solution for a Better Future

    SAT's efforts are deeply connected to all three subthemes, namely Saving Lives, Empowering Lives, and Connecting Lives. By promoting and implementing sustainable agriculture practices, SAT enhances food security, improves nutrition, and reduces vulnerability to climate-related shocks, ultimately saving lives and promoting well-being. Through practical training and community engagement, SAT empowers farmers and pastoralists to diversify their income sources, increase resilience to environmental challenges, and take ownership of their livelihoods, thus empowering lives. Moreover, SAT's collaborations and networking with other organizations facilitate multi-stakeholder cooperation, enhancing knowledge exchange and technology transfer to benefit farming communities, thereby connecting lives.

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  • Square Dance 100,000 Participants Project

    Square dance is a dance that anyone who can walk can do. Even if you are over 80 years old, you can still dance with good posture. By holding free trial sessions of square dance all over the country and reaching 100,000 participants, we will widely promote square dance as a lifelong sports and recreational activity. We pursue to encourage people from children, young people to the elderly to enjoy square dance. We aim to create a healthy, prosperous, and bright society where all the people, no matter which countries they are from, come together to learn, play, and communicate on common topics.

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  • Restoring forgotten watersheds through youth-led movements

    In 2017, the Masungi Georeserve Foundation entered into a landmark agreement with the national government to restore and rewild some 3,000 hectares of degraded land around the Masungi limestone formations using self-generated funds from low-volume, nature-based experiences. The project, largely led by young people under 30, increased measures to protect this area from threats like quarrying, treasure-hunting and land trafficking by engaging up to 100 full-time park rangers and forming coalitions with different sectors. We have over 200 corporate partners in tree planting and nurturing. While the primary focus of the georeserve is on preserving and restoring natural landscapes, flora, and fauna, the foundation contributes significantly to the well-being of various life forms. The georeserve serves as a sanctuary for a diverse range of plant and animal species, many of which endangered or vulnerable. By preserving biodiversity, the georeserve helps maintain ecological balance and ensures the survival of numerous life forms. The foundation's conservation efforts also contribute to improving air and water quality in the Upper Marikina Watershed, directly benefiting the health and well-being of surrounding communities. Masungi Georeserve's conservation initiatives and sustainable practices directly and indirectly contribute to saving lives. By protecting biodiversity, improving environmental conditions, preventing natural disasters, and promoting community well-being, the georeserve serves as a model for how environmental stewardship can have profound positive effects on various aspects of life including human health and safety.

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  • Human Life in our Future Society - Empowering Ourselves

    We will organize an information dissemination campaign on topics of health, well-being, self-improvement, consciousness and other human-centric topics, under the title "Life in Future Societies". Without doubt, technology is augmenting human capacities and disrupting human activities. Our programs aim to highlight that, although technological advancement undoubtedly changes our activities, human values such as openness, cooperation, human relations, emotions, creativity, critical thinking remain crucial. In our changing world, where artificial intelligence, robots, and various technical solutions aim to automate tasks, the role of human labor must continue to evolve along human values. These values cannot be automated or replaced by machines - cooperation, decision-making, critical thinking, or even intuition are possibilities and capabilities of a conscious and intelligent human. Nonetheless, these human values can be developed. Scientific research and analyses indicate, and common sense also allows us to understand, that not only our education needs a paradigm shift, but humans need to empower themselves by continuously learning and adapting in rapidly changing circumstances. Our campaign aims to draw people's attention to the necessity of action and change. To do this, the first step is to understand what is happening with us and around us, to see the changes that define our world, and to recognize our opportunities for action. We encourage people to understand and accept the challenges and opportunities present in the societies of the future and how they can empower themselves to adapt to the quickly changing world. To find how they can maintain and improve their health, build their communities, and shape the future. As part of the campaign, we aim to reach a wider audience (first of all, but not exclusively in Hungary) through educational lectures, video appearances, public media publications, other media appearances. Our goal is to build a community capable of responding to the modern world's challenges while preserving and further developing those human values that truly make us human.

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  • Fashion for Fragile Ecosystems: Linking cultural heritage to the global fashion market

    Mountains and islands experience dual challenges of being fragile ecosystems with vulnerable populations, highly impacted by climate change, natural disasters, economic shocks and marginalization. Small artisan communities in the remotest mountain areas and smallest islands around the world are often custodians of naturally circular economies with high quality products and low environmental impact. Yet, their isolated locations and long value chains usually result in unfair compensation for their valuable work, risking the loss of their heritage. Fashion for Fragile Ecosystems aims to improve the livelihoods of these marginalized communities, including women artisans, and ensure gender equality, women's empowerment and the protection of mountain environments by linking cultural heritage and traditional design with ethical, contemporary fashion.

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Co-Creation Partners

Corporations and organizations that support multiple Co-Creation Challenges.