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Name of team Blue Guitar Project & KMC
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NPO Blue Guitar Project
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Children, child-rearing, education, next-generation development

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Overseas support and cooperation, international exchange

Our Co-Creation Challenge

* Reimagine Your World Initiative
The ""Blue Guitar Project & KMC"" collaboration is
committed to empowering youth to pursue their music dreams through unique experiences and music education.
This initiative aligns with the EXPO Theme SDGs, specifically focusing on Quality Education (SDG 4), Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10), Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG8), and Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17). Our ongoing activities include
the ""Album Cover Design Project,"" an initiative in collaboration with a local
art class in Osaka, providing students with the opportunity to contribute their artistic skills to create album covers for music projects. Through this activity the students are learning about how people use music to communicate with people in other cultures.

*Blue Guitar Pass Social Media Campaign in Japan,
As part of a global campaign (America, Europe, Australia), KMC is actively coordinating this in Japan, where artists pass the blue guitar and share inspirational messages with the youth. This iconic blue guitar will periodically appear in different cities in Japan, being played and photographed on stages and performances spaces. KMC will be focusing on SDG #17 to work with locally based businesses and organizations to promote this campaign nationwide, and help raise awareness about all SDGs.

*Music Lab initiative:
Periodically, workshops and seminars will be held mainly in the Kansai area, focusing on topics such as songwriting, composition, production, vocals, and music video creation. Participants will be able to interact with others both in person and online.

Development of initiatives

Methods and Areas for Future Development Our main initiative is to connect with institutions related to education, youth artistic development and music and introduce the concept behind the Blue Guitar Project. This project is new to Japan, so we hope to use influence from overseas to help get more exposure in Japan. Also we will encourage artists from overseas who visit Japan to participate in our activities as well. We aim to bring the level of involvement in Japan to a similar level like Australia and the UK.
People who wish to work with Anyone who shares our goals for equal opportunity for all youth.

Our SDGs