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Regional revitalization

Disaster prevention and mitigation

Mobility and transportation

Our Co-Creation Challenge

Our goal is to connect each rural town to a high capacity hospital in the region to make sure every patient can quickly receive life saving treatment, regardless of where they live. Using a new type of infrastructure known as Vertiports, which are a new form of helipad that supports drones and air taxis, we want to develop a pick up and drop off location in each small town that can be accessed by the community and emergency service works to speed up emergency response and patient evacuations.

Our challenge is tied to Sustiainable Development Goals 3, 9 and 11.
We believe the success of this project will allow for better access to emergency health care services for residents of Japan,
regardless of how far they live from a city center. As well, it will demonstrate a new approach to aviation infrastructure that truly supports communites and creates more resilient, sustainable cities in the country.

Development of initiatives

Methods and Areas for Future Development We would like to start with communities in Kansai and western Japan before expanding nation wide.

Preferably, we would establish necessary service / ecosystem partners and then jointly approach local communities and hospitals to advocate for the development. Our company already has many partners to utilize in our challenge
People who wish to work with Local governments, helicopter operators, hospitals, insurance companies

Our SDGs